The Asterisk Intelligence Data Warehouse is a data storage unit for decisionmakers.

Only you will know where along the spectrum of analysis you and your team will land. Are you a data collector that archives beyond minimums? Do you focus on internet mediums with your members to collect non-transactional click data in Online Banking Optics? Are you a full picture analyst who wants the pulse on each area of your credit union with as much data as you can consume? Below are some example scenarios to show what can fit in your personalized data warehouse; we know you’ll find your perfect fit!

Small Unit: The Generalist

This size is typical for the everyday user who is developing their data strategy, or for smaller credit unions who want to tailor their analysis profile. In just 1 or 2 GB of space you can fit up to 30 specific data project files or 3rd Party uploads, the full set of Phone Optics data, and a few of your most pertinent file archives. Monthly cost: $110 – $120.

Medium Unit: The Niche Approach

The Explorer (Analysis Focused)
One of our most popular sizes, this middle-ground storage unit is recommended for teams with streamlined focus on their analysis strategies. This solution offers space to have everything a small unit can fit, plus the option to add Online Banking Optics data set for analysis driven teams. Monthly cost: $120 – $150.

The Collector (Archive Focused)
Another popular middle-ground storage solution; Recommended for teams with data archival usage and retention strategies. This unit offers space to have everything a small unit can fit, plus the option to add Tracker Archives for archive driven teams who prioritize long-term data accessibility. Monthly cost: $120 – $150.

Large Unit: The Full Picture

This storage unit literally has it all; the ability to store more of your files and archives, plus own multiple data solutions like Online Banking and Phone Optics, plus Tracker archives. This is truly the complete set for data analysts who want the full scope of their data profile. Monthly cost: $150 – $200.

Extra Large Unit: The Futurist

This storage unit is for the user thinking about analysis now and in the future; an analyst who wants to do it all.  This extra-large offering upgrades your previous unit into a powerhouse of storage that has everything listed above, plus additional space for hundreds of files. If you can produce it, you can store it in this supersized unit. Monthly cost: $200 and higher.

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