Calculate Your Members’ Negative Balance in a Snap!

Interested in knowing if your Automated Non Return/Courtesy Pay program is working as expected?  Are you trying out a new configuration and want to spot check that members are getting the negative balance you would expect?  The Automated Non Returns (ANR) Calculator shows your members’ negative balance limits and helps you to better understand how they are computed with your current configuration.

To access the calculator, use Tool #1180: Account Negative Balance Limit.  Enter your member’s account and checking suffix to access the calculator screen.

CU*BASE displays not only the member’s ANR/Courtesy Pay limit, but it also includes color coded responses to help you understand why the member has that limit.  Red “FAIL” and green “PASS” indicators appear next to qualifying factors such as member age, days since opened and dormancy status, which are taken from your ANR scoring configuration.  (This calculation is as of end of day, when ANR limits were last calculated.  Subsequent changes during the day will not be reflected on this screen.)

Provided by CU*Answers