Welcome to Bedrock Community Credit Union, where your teams can practice using CU*BASE features in an environment that emulates a real credit union.  The operating software uses a library that is set up similar to an authentic credit union to support realistic training for new and existing employees.  Basic features of the Bedrock Community Credit Union training library include:

  • Scope – Activity can be performed in the following areas:
    • Member services (opening memberships/accounts, teller posting, account adjustments, etc.)
    • Loan processing (including all loan application functions)
    • Member inquiry, phone inquiry and update functions

Please note, this does not include Back office, G/L, management, reports or configuration.

  • Features – Keep these things in mind when deciding how you will use Bedrock Community Credit Union in your training efforts:
    • Shared library ‐ The same training library is shared by all online credit unions; any accounts your credit union sets up will be visible to other credit unions. Please do not use names, Social Security Numbers, addresses, phone numbers or other data that could identify a real person. You may choose to use a unique naming convention or reference number to help identify your own accounts if you wish.
    • Generic product configuration ‐ Because the library can be used by everyone, share, certificate and loan products are set up to mirror typical configurations; they may not exactly match your own credit union’s product offerings.
    • Printing directly to OUTQ ‐ To avoid problems with hardware device and printer setup, all printed output will be sent directly to a temporary OUTQ that is automatically cleared at the end of each day.
    • BOD/EOD/EOM ‐ Just as with our live credit union files, normal daily and monthly processes will be run on the Bedrock Community Credit Union files.
  • Security ‐ Access will be controlled through the use of special CU*BASE user profiles assigned to your credit union upon your request. IDs will have limited access; no configuration settings or other parameters can be changed.

With the Bedrock Community Credit Union simulated training environment, CU*BASE users can practice using the software without the worry of affecting real member data. Bedrock is set up just like a real credit union, but without links to outside vendors. This shared training resource is available to all online credit unions free of charge.

Users can add members, modify accounts and conduct transactions. Configurations are generic, using settings typical to most online clients, and access is limited to basic member service, lending and accounting functions. Whether introducing new employees to CU*BASE or helping existing employees practice new skills, the Bedrock Community Credit Union training environment is perfect for keeping CU*BASE users up to speed on the tools they’ll use every day to serve their members. To request credentials to access Bedrock, contact our team at education@cuanswers.com.

Provided by CU*Answers