On Sunday, January 28, maintenance on GoAnywhere (this link will open a protected network-only alert) will be performedthis maintenance is routine, but will include changes that will impact email processes. Related changes are also included in the annual file maintenance (this link will open a protected network-only alert) that is occurring on Sunday as well. With this framework deployed, changes will be activated throughout the week. Additional deployments or maintenance windows may occur as needed.

What You Will Need To Do

Credit union staff and members will not have to take any action, but we advise that you stay aware of these changes and any potential impacts to member emails. Note that in accordance with the new requirements, members will soon see an updated unsubscribe option in emails that are sent from CU*BASE.

As these changes are deployed, we intend to keep the impact minimal; however, an alert has been posted (secured network-only) that will be updated as needed.  This alert will serve to keep you informed of any issues or complications that may arise as part of this change, which may include the temporary inability for us to send/receive emails as intended.  

We strongly encourage you to refer to this alert if you encounter any issues on or after February 1, as we will not be sending out individual emails for each update to the alert.

Additionally, don’t forget to review "the Kitchen" for information on email policy updates, best practices and compliance.  This Kitchen includes details on the current state of email policy changes, reasons for the changes and information on what is being done to support these changes.

Provided by CU*Answers