Welcome, welcome one and all! Thank you so much for being part of the CUaxis core community!

Our goal in this exclusive core user group is to bring everyone together to highlight our commonalities and celebrate our differences. The best way to do that is through collaboration. Because, in truth, credit unions are stronger together, right?

We invite you to visit our website, explore this very blog space, share your thoughts and ideas on the forum, savor our solutions (including core and beyond) and more. These things are all for you and your fellow credit unions on the CU*BASE core system to connect and collaborate for mutual success. Find all the resources you need on our Community page.

And that’s even easier to achieve through the collective group buying, educational experiences and shared support system available to you within CUaxis. You can learn about all this and more by discovering the true cooperative nature of our core community on our website, especially when you read Our Story. It’ll tell you exactly how we can “work together, share together and bring collaboration center stage…together.”

So, once again, welcome! We hope that you embrace the CUaxis community for what it is…a central place where we can support and uplift each other through core collaboration!