Our goal here is to take the trash out of the loan queue by developing smarter routing for completed versus incomplete apps, and handling “looky-loo” leads in a new way.

Urgency Prompt

To better channel loan applications that are ready for a processor to work, versus leads that require a different level of follow-up, as part of the new UX we’ll be asking members to answer a question about their needs. This “urgency” prompt will provide 3 choices: urgent, soon, and just looking.


Not only will these choices determine where the app ends up in CU*BASE, it will also control what app screens are displayed to the member online. If a member is just shopping, rather than making them walk through the entire app we’ll ask a few questions about what they’re looking for, and what to expect when they do decide to apply. We’ll still grab the lead but instead of cluttering up the Loan Queue, we’ll send it as a new request type that your CU can work (or not) via Tool #13 Work Online Banking Apps/Requests.

Automatic “Store and Return” for Incomplete Apps

For members who get interrupted or who need more time to fill in the online app, we’ll build a new mechanism that remembers where a member left off and allow them to finish it later. This will happen for any apps where the member chooses either the “urgent” or “soon” prompt. If the process is interrupted and the member returns to apply again, we’ll check the queue for any partially-completed apps and present an option to resume, or delete and start over.

Just like now, any app where the member did not get all the way to the credit report authorization step will be flagged as “incomplete” in the queue, so they can be ignored until the member completes the process. We’ll even add a new option to the Loan Queue that will let you hide incomplete apps until you wish to review or delete them.

Other Enhancements to “Clean up the Queue”

Credit unions will be able to control what happens to apps that are either incomplete (the member abandoned partway through the app process) or where the member says they are are “just shopping” via a new set of workflow controls. You could, for example, decide to send all incomplete apps to the marketing queue, along with the “just shopping” ones, as leads for your marketing team to follow up on. We’ll be able to tell which apps were simply abandoned versus ones where the member indicated they would finish up later, so that you can control how you want those apps to appear (or not appear) in your queue.

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