Attention credit unions that utilize CO-OP for debit card processing:

Some credit unions on CU*BASE have reached out requesting to move to the CO-OP APBATCH4 enhanced nightly batch maintenance file and have voiced interest in opportunities for their wallet programs. Others have reached out requesting to move to the enhanced file so that the cell phone number can be provided for CO-OP’s fraud alert program. Presently, the network has heard from approximately 25 credit unions who are interested in this enhanced file.

GREAT NEWS! The network is pleased to announce the APBATCH4 nightly batch maintenance file for debit cards will be arriving in January of 2022, at NO COST! This will be available to all CO-OP credit unions in the network!

The network is currently in the process of coding and testing, which is the part of the process where you get involved. Follow the link below to sign up and voice your interest in the enhanced file! The network will be working with CO-OP to determine an implementation plan and will follow up with an implementation date for everyone who signed up.

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MORE GREAT NEWS! While working with CO-OP on this plan, they have agreed to waive all costs on their side as well. Together, the network, along with CO-OP, see the value in changing the enhanced APBATCH4 nightly file format.

If you have any questions or would like additional information on the enhanced file format, please reach out to SettleMINT EFT.

Provided by CU*Answers