It’s no secret that Mobile Manager is a pretty darn popular add-on for the CU*BASE core processing system. If your credit union already utilizes Mobile Manager, here are five quick tips to maximize the mobile experience:

  1. Mobile Manager lets you configure premium mobile real estate to communicate and market to your members. Graphic ads on your home screen can be configured to link graphic and RDC ads along with button links to open external web pages, or even to open specific features in your credit union’s mobile app.
  2. Monitor mobile analytics to see when members are downloading your app or what ads they are clicking on.
  3. Change your mobile app’s navigation on the fly.
  4. Modify text for RDC or Card Controls.
  5. Add in additional features on the home page or contextual menu.

If your credit union has not yet taken advantage of Mobile Manager, we invite you to visit the online store for more information!

Provided by CU*Answers